Theo Verbey Foundation

Theo Verbey

A well-loved composer and friend

Theo Verbey (1959-2019) was a leading and celebrated Dutch composer, music theoretician, husband, friend, uncle and more. He was warm, funny and respectful. He was also a beloved teacher who left a great impression on his students with his broad and deep knowledge of the art of instrumentation, as well as with his immaculate arrangements and orchestrations. Theo helped to improve working conditions for musicians, conservatory teachers and composers, and was unwavering in his support for culture in the Netherlands. He taught at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague for 35 years, and was also on the faculty at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. His compositions have been performed by renowned orchestras, ensembles, and soloists, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The foundation

Honoring animportant legacy

This non-profit foundation was established in September of 2020, and honors Theo’s artistic legacy by serving as a platform to preserve and distribute his work. By building a network of people who were connected with Theo, we hope to create a space in which people who knew Theo and loved his music can feel at home.

We preserve Theo Verbey’s works

We collect, organize, preserve, make accessible and help publish Theo’s teaching materials, scores and performance recordings. We have also consulted with specialized institutions in the Netherlands and abroad to professionalize our activities in areas such as archiving, preservation, management and providing access. Here, our core activity is the creation of a complete list of compositional works. If funds allow, we aspire to commission a biography or monography about Theo’s life and work, including details about what he was like as a composer and teacher, and his place within Dutch and international musical life.

We bring Theo Verbey’s works to the public

We bring Theo Verbey’s published and unpublished works to the attention of performing musicians and ensembles, teachers, researchers, publishers and the media. We consider these activities to be a permanent part of the foundation’s activities, carried out at every possible opportunity through its extensive network. We also regularly publish a newsletter with information about performances, new publications, studies and the foundation’s activities.

We are a non-profit organization

Our foundation is a non-profit organization. We therefore obtain all of our funding from grants, donations, gifts, inheritances, bequests, and so on. The foundation’s board is made up of people whose lives were touched by Theo, and consists of the following people as of September 8, 2020: Jan-Willem Mantel (Chair), Eileen Stevens (Secretary), Ivo Schipper (Treasurer), Mark van Dongen, Casper Donker, Sebastiaan Kemner, and Jeppe Moulijn. Our board members receive no remuneration, and all funds received go directly to fulfilling the foundation’s objectives.

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Full Name: Stichting Theo Verbey Foundation

  • Short name: Theo Verbey Foundation
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  • Postal address: Linnaeusdwarsstraat 22, 1098 BB, Amsterdam
  • RSIN: 861608434
  • ANBI registration: Registered as a ‘Culturele ANBI’ since 8 September 2020

Donations can be made directly to:
Stichting Theo Verbey Foundation,
Account number NL62INGB0006198271

The text of the Articles of Association of the Theo Verbey Foundation (in Dutch) can be found here. In accordance with the Articles, the Theo Verbey Foundation is a non-profit organization. All donations will directly benefit the foundation’s activities.

Policy and activities

The foundation’s objectives are:

  • to gather, order, preserve, make accessible, and publish or let publish, compositions, writings, educational materials and other works made by Theo Verbey or recordings of his compositions
  • to provide documentation and explanation
  • to bring works of Theo Verbey to the attention of musicians and ensembles, teachers, researchers, publishers, and media partners.

Activities are planned in two-yearly policy plans and results are recorded in our annual reports. Up to now we wrote these documents in Dutch, but we will consider producing English versions as well.

The 2023 – 2025 Policy plan (in Dutch) can be found here.

The 2022 annual report (in Dutch) can be found here.

The 2020-2021 annual report (in Dutch) can be found here.

Board members, functions and remuneration

The Board currently consists of Mark van Dongen, Casper Donker, Sebastiaan Kemner, Jan-Willem Mantel (Chair), Eileen Stevens (Secretary), and Ivo Schipper (Treasurer), and we have one vacancy. In accordance with the Articles of Association, no remuneration is awarded to board members. Costs incurred by board members will be reimbursed on presentation of supporting documents.

Registered status and taxes

The Theo Verbey Foundation is registered as a Culturele ANBI, or Dutch Public Benefit Organisation within the domain of music and the arts. This means that gifts and donations to the foundation are tax deductible for Dutch donors. Donors from abroad are advised to contact their local tax authorities for advice regarding possible tax relief.

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