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05 Nov 2024

00:00 CET

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJAmsterdam, Netherlands

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Beethoven, Kodály, Verbey, van Geel, Bulsink, Kyriakides, Hamel, Zuidam, Loevendie, Padding, Tsoupaki, Zimbalist

Cello Biennale Amsterdam

Attend the exciting second round of the 2024 Dutch National Cello Competition. Exact time to be announced. Finalists will perform works by Beethoven, Kodály, and their choice of one of the works below, all commissioned by the past nine editions of the competition.

05 Nov 2023

11:30 CET

05 Nov 2023

14:00 CET

05 Nov 2023

16:30 CET

09 Jun 2023

22:00 CET

Vienna Muzikverein | Vienna, Austria

06 Jun 2023

11:30 CET

Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Amare | The Hague, Netherlands | Royal Conservatoire