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Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey (5 July 1959-13 October 2019) was a Dutch composer of contemporary classical music. His style – which has been described as energetic and appealing – is known for its elegance, rhythmically transparent approach and rich instrumentation. Theo’s orchestral, chamber and vocal works are favorites with listeners and musicians and never fail to touch the hearts of those who hear them. His commitment to teaching has also paved the way for new musicians, creating a legacy that will last for generations to come.

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Latest News

Publication of recently discovered Sonatina for bassoon and contrabass

An old work from 1976 has been discovered in Theo Verbey's archive. It is the Sonatina for bassoon and contrabass that Verbey wrote on the occasion of the wedding of two colleagues from the Delft Symphony Orchestra, Nel and Diemer de Vries. Although Verbey's official works list only begins in 1985 with the work Aura, the Sonatina is already quite representative of his style. The characteristic humor, playfulness and use of canon as a stylistic means can already be clearly heard. The sheet music of this work is available through Theo's publisher, Deuss Music at https://www.deussmusic.com/componisten/TheoVerbey/sonatine/16697228925531 We eagerly await the world premiere of a work that Theo wrote at the age of 17!

Van Baerle Trio nominated for Ovatie Prize 2022 for their Haydn, Verbey, Schubert program

To conclude the 2021-2022 theater season, the Classical Music Jury of the VSCD has announced the nominees for The Ovation 2022 prize. The jury selected three outstanding classical music performances from the past season. From the jury's report: The Van Baerle Trio is known for its focus on adventurous, contemporary compositions, combined with top-notch performances of the iron repertoire. [...] With their performance of the Trio by Theo Verbey, the musicians presented an impressive homage to the composer, who died in 2019."

Chechov Trio to play Bosmans, Verbey and Chausson in Salvius Church in Limbricht

"The trios of Chausson and Bosmans will be joined during this concert by the Piano Trio (1999) by Theo Verbey. 'I consider making choices about what you want to do—and on what basis—one of the biggest challenges in composition.' That is what the composer wrote when discussing his process of composing his piano trio. He adapted his material using a mathematical approach to rhythm and structure, influenced both by the complex medieval rhythmic formations of composer Guillaume de Machaut and by the aleatory compositions of John Cage. Verbey's approach has the astonishing effect of transporting the listener into a world of fantasy with vivid images and clear narration."