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Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey (5 July 1959-13 October 2019) was a Dutch composer of contemporary classical music. His style – which has been described as energetic and appealing – is known for its elegance, rhythmically transparent approach and rich instrumentation. Theo’s orchestral, chamber and vocal works are favorites with listeners and musicians and never fail to touch the hearts of those who hear them. His commitment to teaching has also paved the way for new musicians, creating a legacy that will last for generations to come.

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Ensemble ZOEF to play works of Dutch composers as part of the Dag van de Componist

18 Jun 2022

Stsdskamer, Hoog Catharijne, Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Ensemble ZOEF, Maud Busschers, Stijn Brinkman, Nina Zuure, Georgios Andreadis, Orrin van Leeuwen, Liutauras Žilaitis, Janneke Stoute

Oene van Geel, Theo Verbey and Spinvis, among others

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Latest News

Concertgebouw Orchestra Horizon 10 release

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's boxed set of recently commissioned orchestral works will be released in May! The collection includes Theo Verbey's Ariadne conducted by Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

'With this tenth release in its acclaimed Horizon SACD series, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra proves once again that contemporary music features prominently in its repertoire – even in times of crisis.'

Juri Vallentin and Trio d’Iroise’s stunning new CD includes Theo Verbey’s ‘4 Preludes to Infinity’

This musical exploration of how a melody has travelled though time includes music by Bach and Hassler. According to award-winning oboist Juri Vallentin, the project is "about the connection between literature and music, and the whole CD is centered around a baroque poem."

Theo Verbey’s Ariadne awarded honorable mention

Theo Verbey has been awarded a posthumous honorable mention for his final piece, Ariadne. The jury wrote about Verbey's work: "Ariadne symbolizes finding a way out of the maze, liberation and redemption. Although it is not a literal rendition of the Greek myth, the title lends this outstanding work written for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra by Theo Verbey (who died in 2019) the aura of a swan song."