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Theo Verbey (5 July 1959-13 October 2019) was a Dutch composer of contemporary classical music. His style – which has been described as energetic and appealing – is known for its elegance, rhythmically transparent approach and rich instrumentation. Theo’s orchestral, chamber and vocal works are favorites with listeners and musicians and never fail to touch the hearts of those who hear them. His commitment to teaching has also paved the way for new musicians, creating a legacy that will last for generations to come.

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Dutch National Cello Competition, Second round

05 Nov 2024

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beethoven, Kodály, Verbey, van Geel, Bulsink, Kyriakides, Hamel, Zuidam, Loevendie, Padding, Tsoupaki, Zimbalist

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Review of Theo Verbey – Five Pieces for Violoncello

There is no question that Verbey knew very well how to write for cello...

Verbey’s ‘Five Pieces for Violoncello Solo’ a round-two selection for the Dutch National Cello Copetition

The Dutch National Cello Competition is one of the most exciting part of Amsterdam's famous Cello Biennale. In 2006, founder Maarten Mostert commissioned Theo Verbey to write his 'Five Pieces for Violoncello Solo' for the first edition of the competition, now being held for the ninth time. As Verbey said, 'The subjects of the five movements are partly musical, and partly technical. In terms of content, these pieces are somewhere between etudes and concert pieces.'

Foundation aims to preserve the legacy of composer Theo Verbey

Theo Verbey (1959-2019) composed contemporary classical music and lived in Amsterdam’s Watergraafsmeer district. He was and still is relatively well known abroad. After he died, his widow Eileen Stevens established the Theo Verbey Foundation to keep Theo’s music from being forgotten. His music can be heard on Spotify, for example. Oost Online contributor Oscar Smit, celebrated pop music journalist and DJ, had a pleasant conversation with Theo’s widow.