Transparent and Passionate

26 Jan 2014

Written by: Stephen McLeod

Published in: Amazon

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“Berg’s Lyric Suite was written around 1925. It is a work that more or less follows Arnold Schoenberg’s 12-tone method with, appropriately, lyric and hyper-romantic gestures from a string quartet (original version). In 1929, Berg set three movements of the Suite for string orchestra. Somewhere around 2010, the whole work was recast for orchestral strings, and the present version is, evidently, the first commercial recording of this version.(…) This CD provides wondrously clear and moving performances of two major works of 20th century modernism. The first rate musicianship of the performers and the silvery, reflective recorded sound make this a recording that I will return to again and again. I love the original versions of both these works. But these versions, if they need it, are justified by this extremely attractive recording.”