Memory of a Shape by Introdans ****

21 Feb 2017

Written by: Mirjam van der Linden

Published in: De Volkskrant

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“From complex simplicity to a tidal wave of emotions”

Regina van Berkel’s […] ‘Memory of a Shape’, created for ballettmainz in 2009, was the Dutch premiere of the evening. Van Berkel’s approach uses ‘fractal figures,’ figures arising from the multiplication of a basic form. The choreography is set to Theo Verbey’s ‘Fractal Symphony,’ an exciting composition that is alternately mysteriously sheer and rhythmically driving. Large, shape-shifting objects slide into position above the stage. The dancers are bodies clustering into their final position: it is often as if they are building a sculpture right before your eyes, in which they set another body in motion, or move it.

The central figures are a solo male dancer and a woman in white on pointe, who thanks to some solid partner work, is able to show wonderful, extremely elongated classical lines. Both turn up from time to time, a bit like a sprite and a magician. The group variations follow the music carefully, and use the space to its fullest. They are hectic, sparkling, energetic, then quieting down into a freeze. ‘Memory of a Shape’ is a challenge that should be danced and seen more often: an asset.