Introdans fits loosely beneath the umbrella of the Moderne Meisjes (‘Modern Girls’) program

23 Sep 2018

Written by: David Levie

Translated by: Emma Rault

Published in: Apeldoorn Direct

Full Article (NL)

… After the interval, the caliber is maintained as the vibe becomes playful, thanks to Regina van Berkel and a functional decor in the form of a spine from prehistoric times when giant reptiles populated this Earth. She was inspired by Salvador Dali, which does not come without its risks. Introdans’ performers more than hold their own, however. Dancing in fluid movements to the music by Theo Verbey, they skillfully evade the surrealist clichés that are always lurking. Depicting the subconscious is an art in its own right. With Frozen Echo, Introdans manages it brilliantly.