Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra Review

10 Jun 2013

Written by: Rosemarie Frühauf

Published in: The Epoch Times

Full Article (DE)

“… The concert began with Alban Berg’s Piano Sonata, Op 1: an intensive twelve minutes that seem to float along in a style between late romanticism and modernism. Theo Verbey built the architectural waves in which the work is created, with a huge orchestral force that lets the piece build up again and again, returning to a simple string quartet. Between these waves, the brass and five (!) percussionists provide eruptive climaxes.

Mihkel Kütson and the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin together unlocked all the facets of the piece, and it was like a fairy tale that is told in a foreign language – sealed in its own internal logic, but full of unexpected poetry …”