An evening of debuts, premieres and introductions in Eindhoven

28 Oct 2015

Written by: Olga de Kort

Published in: Bachtrack

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… The impressive Lumen ad finem cuniculi by the Dutch composer Theo Verbey experienced a committed, lucid and vivacious première. This energetic, as well as energizing, composition was commissioned by the orchestra to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Dutch coal mines. The title “Light at the end of the tunnel” has therefore a suggestive, even a programme overtone. With this title, Verbey gave his listeners a correlation thread to follow on their way from darkness and desperation to the first radiant sparks of light. After every tunnel turn or a new sverve, the sparks flared up into stronger outbursts until the final meteoric explosion left no doubt possible about the dizzying light shining ad finem cuniculi. The composer’s musical ideas have found their form in an astounding orchestration. All orchestral sections are deserving a special attention, but the composition’s pulsing centrum was formed by two marimbas and two vibraphones. Their fundamental presence made them a real ‘light control panel’ of Theo Verbey’s new work.