Deuss Music’s Project Rebound included in November Music’s MuziekRoute

05 Nov 2023 16:30

Verkadefabriek Filmzaal 4
Den Bosch

November Music

Astrid Haring
Sebastiaan Kemner
Isabelle Haverkort
Arjan Jongsma

For centuries, animation art and contemporary music have been propelling each other to poetic heights. Together they excite the imagination and create unsuspected magic. Dutch music publisher Deuss Music launched Project REBOUND earlier this year. Several animators were asked to respond to contemporary music by twelve Dutch composers, including Theo Verbey. On 5 November, all of REBOUND’s animations will be shown during the international new music festival, November Music.



Theo Verbey – La Malinconia II
Bec Plexus – Encore (extract)
Anthony Fiumara – Zone Blanche
Seung Won-Oh – Spiccato
Robin de Raaff – Contradictie VI (extract)
Nick Woud – Partita (extract)
Klaas de Vries – Oboi, che melanconia (extract)
Aart Strootman – Gyroscope
Joep Franssens – Solo for Flute (extract)
Hawar Tawfiq – Agitato
Tonny Eyk – Intrada pour trombone
Kate Moore – Old New