Foundation bewaakt nalatenschap van componist Theo Verbey

Oscar Smit, from Oost Online

Wat voor een soort componist was Theo Verbey? ‘Hij voelde zich verbonden met muziek uit het verleden en van het heden. Hij zag zichzelf niet als een componist voor alleen maar de club van moderne muziekliefhebbers. Hij wilde dat zijn muziek werd gehoord door een algemeen publiek.’ In zijn muziek zat altijd wel iets van een melodie. Zijn methode…

Interview with the Chekhov Trio

The Chekhov Trio speak with Eileen Stevens

We appreciate your finding the time to answer a few questions for our readers. The Chekhov Trio is international, with one player from the United States, one from Belgium and one from the Netherlands. That makes inspiring to see how you support and promote the work of Dutch composers like Hans Kox and Henriette Bosmans.  How did you first…

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Concert door Chekhov Trio in oude Salviuskerkje Limbricht

From Sittard-Geleen

"The trios of Chausson and Bosmans will be joined during this concert by the Piano Trio (1999) by Theo Verbey. 'I consider making choices about what you want to do— and on what basis—one of the biggest challenges in composition.' That is what the composer wrote when discussing his process of composing his piano trio. He adapted his material using…

Interview with Juri Vallentin and Trio d’Iroise

- What inspired you to record Ebenbild? And how have audiences been responding to your concerts? The core idea of EBENBILD is to develop a classical music album as a continuous story: We use a Renaissance love poem as our thread, on which a musical narrative unfolds using repertoire from the early 17th century to the present day, with Theo…

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A Recording Producer and Sound Engineer looks back on his lessons with Theo

Daan van Aalst, translated by Eileen J. Stevens, from Newsletter of the Theo Verbey Foundation

Recording Producer and Sound Engineer Daan van Aalst remembers Theo Verbey: I began my studies at the conservatory in 1998, with a course in The Art of Sound, a field that I hadn't spent much time with before then. I had grown up in a musical family, and my brother and sister were already at the conservatory. Still, I could not envision myself as…

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Essay about Sestetto

Frits van der Waa, translated by Eileen J. Stevens, from Et Cetera

With its distinctive combination of flute, harp, and strings, the sound palette of Sestetto, which Theo Verbey wrote in 1998, seems decidedly French. However, the composer was undoubtedly aware of that fact, and he made an effort in the course of the work’s four movements to counterbalance this aura…

An effervescent tablet in water, Two faces of Theo Verbey’s Inversie

Patrick van Deurzen, translated by Mike Wilcox, from Mens en Melodie

Theo Verbey’s composition, Inversie (Dutch for 'Inversion'), places two groups of instruments in contrast with each other. The division reflects the double character of the material, which is tonal on the one hand and atonal on the other. The inversion of the title – turning upside down and inside out – is played out between the two…

Theo Verbey & Amsterdam Sinfonietta

Noortje Zanen

The Theo Verbey Foundation launched its new website at the beginning of this week. Reason enough for Sinfonietta to delve into its archives in search of recordings and scores of the works that this prominent Dutch composer wrote for Amsterdam Sinfonietta. We look back, along with cellist Maarten Mostert and former artistic coordinator and…

Theo Verbey on Traurig wie der Tod: ‘A composer is primarily a songwriter’

Thea Derks, translated by Thea Derks

Thea Derks interviewed Theo Verbey at the time of the live broadcast of Traurig wie der Tod on Radio4, and here is a written article in Dutch, which she translated into English on the occasion of the launch of the Theo Verbey Foundation: "Theo Verbey on Traurig wie der Tod: ‘A composer is primarily a songwriter’ – Amsterdam, 22 May 2015 The Dutch…

In memoriam Theo Verbey

Ralf Pisters, from Published in the Newsletter of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory (Vereniging voor Muziektheorie)

On 13 October 2019 Theo Verbey passed away, at the age of 60. Theo was a member of the DFSMT and, especially at the beginning of society’s existence, very involved in the its activities. He meant a great deal for Dutch music theory, above all in his role as a teacher of music theory, arranging and orchestration, a role that he fulfilled at both…

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