Svadebka! The Village Wedding

16 Aug 2009 19:00

Hermitage Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Grachtenfestival; Peppie Wiersma

Grachtenfestival 2009 opens with world premiere Stravinsky!On 15 August 2009 in the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Grachtenfestival opens with Svadebka! The Village Wedding, a Muziektheater production based on the never completed version of Stravinsky’s Les Noces from 1919. Ninety years later, after having refused many requests, the heirs of Stravinsky have given permission to Peppie Wiersma – artistic director of Svadebka! The Village Wedding – for Theo Verbey to complete it. A Stravinsky triptic in Svadebka!The Village Wedding. Besides the world premiere of Les Noces the production consists of Scherzo à la Russe – in a new adaptation by Louis Andriessen – and Histoire du Soldat. The production is staged as a ‘real’ wedding, with the audience attending as guests. The inner court yard of the Hermitage Amsterdam forms the backdrop for the party with rituals from the Russian countryside. Directed by Marc Pantus, the musicians are part of the festivities.Ticket sales for Svadebka!The Village Wedding will start on 1 June through The complete programme for the Grachtenfestival 2009 will be announced at the beginning of July.


Stravinsky: Les noces
Arranger: Theo Verbey

Stravinsky: Scherzo à la russe
Arranger: Louis Andriessen

Stravinsky: L’histoire du soldat