RIAS Kammerchor, Ensemble muzikFabrik/Stravinsky, Kagel, Janacek/Marches, rhymes, weddings

14 Sep 2013 20:00

Philharmonie Berlin: Chamber Music Hall
Berlin, Germany

Berliner Festspiele

Stravinsky’s ballet music “Les Noces”, newly interprets Russian folk music in a radical way. This version, from 1919, employs vocals and percussion. Stravinsky also wanted to employ machines, mechanical pianos, pianolas: the sound was to be “completely homogenous, completely impersonal and completely mechanical”. He composed the first two scenes with this ensemble in mind but had to change his plans on account of the Pleyel instruments’ insufficient mechanics and objections from Sergej Diaghilew. Dutch composer Theo Verbey completed Stravinsky’s already advanced plans in 2007. At Musikfest Berlin, this version of “Les Noces” for soloists, choir, harmonium, percussion and live pianola will be presented to the public for the first time, with James Wood conducting RIAS Kammerchor and Ensemble musikFabrik.


Stravinsky: Les noces
Anu Komsi (Soprano);
Annamária Kovács (Contralto);
Nigel Robson (Tenor);
Andreas Fischer (Bass);
Francoise Rivalland (Voice);
Marie-Noëlle Bette (Harmonium);
Enikö Ginzery (Cimbalom);
Rex Lawson (Player Piano);
Michael Weilacher (Percussion);
Adam Weisman (Percussion)

Ensemble musikFabrik;
RIAS Chamber Choir

Arranger: Theo Verbey

Janacek: Nursery rhymes
Ensemble musikFabrik;
RIAS Chamber Choir