Orchestre d’Auvergne, Forés Veses / Skride / Mozart, Berg (arr.Berg and Verbey)

05 Oct 2017 20:00

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Orchestre d'Auvergne

A festive opening of Orchestre d’Auvergne’s season with Mozart’s 33rd Symphony and First Violin Concerto, plus Berg’s Lyric Suite.Work introductionAlban Berg arranged Three Pieces (I, III and IV) from the Lyric Suite (originally for string quartet) for string orchestra in 1927. My arrangement of the three remaining movements (I, V and VI) means it is now possible to perform the complete Lyric Suite for string orchestra as part of a larger concert programme. In orchestrating it, I have kept as close as possible to Berg’s style.From previous experience (my adaptation of the Sonate op 1 for piano [1908] for orchestra of 1984), I know that the enormous intensity of the music asks for a great diversity of ideas regarding texture and individual part writing. On a more basic, technical level this means that the double stops in the quartet version are usually replaced by solo/tutti-divisi or ordinary divisions. The adding of the double bass line often has consequences for the other parts.These “six rather short movements of a lyrical rather than symphonic character” (as Berg called it) are easier to perform with larger groups than with a string quartet. The piece is enhanced by the richness of sound and clarification of structure.Theo Verbey


Mozart: Symphony no 33 in B flat major, K 319
Ensemble: Orchestre d’Auvergne
Conductor: Roberto Forés Veses

Mozart: Concerto for Violin no 1 in B flat major, K 207
Artist: Baiba Skride (Violin)
Ensemble: Orchestre d’Auvergne
Conductor: Roberto Forés Veses

Berg: Lyric Suite for String Orchestra
Ensemble: Orchestre d’Auvergne
Conductor: Roberto Forés Veses
Arranger: Theo Verbey