Oltenia Philharmonic, Wolters/Piters/ Andriessen, Verbey, Tchaikovsky

29 Apr 2016 19:00

Filharmonica Oltenia
Craiova, Romania

Europa Season

The Clarinet Concerto was first performed on 13 January 2006 by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra under Markus Stenz; Sjef Douwes was the work’s soloist and is also the concerto’s dedicatee. The length of the movements is in the ratio 3:2:1, the weight of the piece being therefore principally in the first movement. It is almost classical in form with its two contrasting themes that are decorated and developed in the highly acrobatic clarinet part. The second movement is related to the Japanese gagaku music Etenraku. Verbey here creates the sounds of Japanese music on Western instruments, but gives them an extra lustre through his skill in orchestration. The form is once again symmetrical, with a middle section in which the fundamental chord that until then has remained static begins to shift. In the concise third movement, harmony becomes the work’s driving force. While the orchestra leaps from one harmonic plateau to another, the solo instrument blossoms forth with luxuriant garlands of sound enriched by a wayward swing. Here too, the music returns, this time almost unexpectedly, to its starting point.Verbey’s musical lay-outs may display clarity and straightforwardness as their main characteristics, but they nevertheless include small pathways and alleys that can lead to new and unexpected perspectives.(translation: Peter Lockwood ) © Frits van der Waa 2008


Andriessen: Ricercare
Ensemble: Oltenia Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Theo Wolters

Verbey: Clarinet Concerto (2005)
Artist: Arno Piters (Clarinet)
Ensemble: Oltenia Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Theo Wolters

Tchaikovsky: Symphony no 5 in E minor, Op. 64
Ensemble: Oltenia Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Theo Wolters