Introdans Christmas Gala/ Van Berkel, Zurovac, Uotinen, Tsai (music Verbey, Zelwer)

26 Dec 2017 20:15

Stadstheater Arnhem
Arnhem, Netherlands


CHRISTMAS GALA 2017The Introdans CHRISTMAS GALA has been a regular feature for years now. On and around the days of Christmas, exclusively in Arnhem and Apeldoorn, all the dancers of the Introdans ensembles perform a program created especially for this occasion. The 2017 edition will revolve around two high-energy and rousing ballets: the impressive and monumental Memory of a Shape by Regina van Berkel (with music by Theo Verbey) and the effervescent and infection Cirkus primitif ballet by Staša Zurovac.


Memory of a Shape
Ensemble: Introdans

Floating Flowers
Ensemble: Introdans

Ensemble: Introdans

Cirkus primitif
Ensemble: Introdans