De Poëzie van (The Poetry of…)/Larissa Groeneveld/Verbey

16 Oct 2011 15:00

De Nieuwe Liefde
Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Nieuwe Liefde

The Poetry of… marks the start of a new series of poetry programs, this one revolving around celebrated Dutch poet Gerrit Kouwenaar, who will be reading from his own works. Following the poetry reading, cellist Larissa Groenenveld will play a number of works, including Theo Verbey’s “Five Pieces for violoncello Solo”. The monumental building on Da Costakade 102 in Amsterdam was originally a wine warehouse, and later became a Catholic parish house called De Liefde (‘The Love’). In 2010 it was completely rebuilt by Wiel Arets Architects and now comprises of a main hall seating 230 visitors, a conference room for 60 guests and a choir space for 50. It also has a library, a foyer and a separate café-restaurant.


Verbey: Five Pieces for Violoncello solo
Artist: Larissa Groeneveld (Cello)