Ariadne combines transparent lyricism with dramatic progression. The piece constantly changes color and texture, making use of the whole orchestra.



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Commissioned by:
The Concertgebouworkest

Premiered by:
The Concertgebouworkest on 30 January, 2020, conducted by Santtu-Matias Rouvali

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Press Quotes

“Verbey was known as one of our country’s best orchestrators and in Ariadne he wraps subtle instrumentations in an immaculate orchestra sound. Craftsmanship of the highest order.”

Joep Christenhusz, NRC, 2 February 2020

“Whilst writing his last notes, Verbey must have felt sympathy for the title heroine, the king’s daughter Ariadne. She helped her lover Theseus beat the Minotaur, after which the hero dumped her as a favour.”

Guido van Oorschot, de Volkskrant, 2 February 2020


Santtu-Matias Rouvali makes versatile debut with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Jenny Camilleri, from Opera Today

... Ariadne, like Verdi’s overture, combines transparent lyricism with dramatic progression. Starting out with fragile flute figures, it swells to include the full complement of strings. When the whole range of the brass comes in with a driving motif, there is sinister menace. The piece constantly changes colour and texture, making use of the…