Review: GIMF – The Brodsky Quartet – Holy Trinity Church

The Stage Dragon, from Guilford Dragon News

"...To start the second half, the wheel turned up Theo Verbey’s Spring Rain. An atmospheric gem encapsulating the weather, Verbey’s work was one of those composed especially for the Brodsky Quartet. There was no doubt about the imagery of this piece and it went down a storm . There were raindrops, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, blended with a…

Gig review: Brodsky Quartet, Royal Conservatoire, Glasgow

David Kettle, from The Scotsman

"Verbey’s Spring Rain was immediately likeable and its sudden dramatic eruptions played well to the Brodskys’ love of the theatrical... "

The Brodsky Quartet show their true musical colors at Utrecht’s Vredenburg

Kristen Huebner, from Bachtrack

"After reeling from the effects of the Shostakovich and a brief intermission mid-concert, the quartet took the stage once more to present the (their) first-ever Dutch performance of Theo Verbey’s Spring Rain. Yet another atmospheric gem capturing the most well-known facet of Dutch weather ... Sprinkled with light dropping effects and a sonorous…

Introdans in Friedrichshafen

Katharina von Glasenapp, from Swäbische Kultur

The music of the Dutchman Theo Verbey evokes yearning, being sometimes full of dark energy, sometimes fatefully haunting.

Amsterdam Sinfonietta: Debussy, Mussorgsky, Weinberg and Shostakovich

Renée Reitsma, from Bachtrack

"Mussorgsky’s Songs and Dances of Death is a work that has been orchestrated many times by great names including Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov and Shostakovich, which made me very curious as to what Theo Verbey’s 1994 orchestration would sound like. It stayed rather close to the original piano score (definitely more so than, for example,…

Berg Lyric Suite decrypted – Audi, Amsterdam Sinfonietta Barbican

Anne Ozorio, from Classical Iconoclast

This wasn't just another concert. It was Liebestod, a truly unique exploration of Berg's Lyric Suite. Berg's piece is a compelling work, whose mysteries were only revealed about twenty years ago when the composer's letters to his lover Hanna Fuchs-Robettin were released ... Again, it's the Lyric Suite but not quite as we're used to. This time,…

Dutch Master Triumphs on the Rhine

Marieluise Jeitschko, translated by K. Schönberg, from Tanznetz

"Regina van Berkel is one of the most outstanding Dutch choreographers. For her superb theatrical choreography, with the seemingly contradictory title "Frozen Echo", her fellow countryman, composer Theo Verbey, expanded an earlier orchestral piece into an extremely expressive triptych."

Dishes From a Recipe for Eye and Ear

Allan Kozinn, from New York Times

"...Theo Verbey’s “Man Ray — La Retour à la Raison” begins with repeating figures in the manner of 1970s Minimalism and morphs gracefully into a rich, atonal piece."

Dazzling Works: Contemporary music from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Patric Standford, from Record Box

"Theo Verbeij's LIED for trombone and orchestra seems, in fact, to be a succession of four 'songs' in which the soloist Jörgen van Rijen, the orchestra's principal trombone player and the composer's fellow Dutchman, makes his instrument sing with an overall gentleness and expressiveness that denies any popular impression of its bombast…

Berg/Verbey Sonata op. 1

Joachem Valkenburg, from NRC Handelsblad

"Theo Verbey's orchestration of Alban Berg's Sonato for piano Op.1 from 1984 sounded Mahleresque in its ability to carry one away. The beauty of sound is not only astonishing, but also serves to shine a beacon on Berg's romantic roots."


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