Dutch Masters and their inspiration/The Stolz Quartet/Ravel, Zuidam, De Vries, Einarsson, Scriabin, Verbey, Liszt
28 February 2014
Scriabin: Preludes (4) for Piano, Op. 33 Play
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Arranger: Theo Verbey
Prelude no 1 in E major Play
Prelude no 2 in F sharp major Play
Prelude no 3 in C major Play
Prelude no 4 in A flat major Play
Verbey: 4 Preludes to Infinity Play
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
I. - Mysterious Play
II. - Restless Play
III. - Religious Play
IV. - Luminous Play
Liszt: Via crucis, S 53 Play
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Arranger: Reinbert de Leeuw
Station IV: Jesus meets his holy mother Play
Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin Play
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Arranger: Robert Zuidam
Prélude Play
Forlane Play
Fugue Play
Menuet Play
Rigaudon Play
Zuidam: A Love Unsung Play
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
A Love Unsung - excerpt Play
Vries: Haikus Play
Artist: Gerrie De Vries (Voice)
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Haikus Play
Einarsson: Desiring-Machines: partial-object 0.1667 Play
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Desiring-Machines Play

Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey is the Dutch composer of modern classical music who is best known for his elegant and rhythmically transparent compositions, characterized by careful and rich instrumentation. It's contemporary classical music that makes a real connection with listeners.

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